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The gallery has close due to Medical Problems

Inventory is viewable on Request

1560 4th St.



George Broderick


Terry Strehlou


Arvie Smith

The Broderick Gallery is geared toward an interdisciplinary interpretation of art and committed to a culturally inclusive viewpoint. Exhibitions focus on international, national and regional art developments chiefly in the 20th century; seek to present the cultural and historical context of art, and to acknowledge the artistic contributions of under-recognized sectors of the population.


Cuban Artists

Gallery Artists

George Broderick 

Terry Strehlou

Crawfurd Adamson

Celeste Bergin

Herbert Berman

Osy Milian

Eduardo Labrada

Tomas Guadarrama

Martha Mason

Ignacio Merida

Tracy Pollock

Ernesto Pumariega

Pete LaForge

Susana Rodriguez

Mick Rooney, RA

Terry Sauriol

Allen Schmertzler

Kristina Sellers

Roderick Smith

Quin Sweetman