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Roderick Smith

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Past shows at Broderick Gallery

April 2003


I paint directly from nature,  attempting to capture the spontaneity of the moment, while constantly searching for a balance between the objective aspects of the forms seen and my emotional reaction to them.  My hope in these paintings is that they might resonate with an energy that is physically tangible by a sensation of light captured and held by the movement of the brush.

In the end the exercise of painting becomes an addiction. Every painted stroke another dangerous step. One becomes exhilarated at the possibilities of the unknown.

I have crossed a bridge somewhere and emerged with seemingly no philosophy,  no ambition to understand,  or hardly any sense of past.   I stand in this trembling fantasy of the present,  brush in hand,  peering out.     Its difficult though,  for the path is fraught with danger,   "guilt."   

The easel is a magic “ring.”
You slip it on and vanish.                                                                                        Roderick Smith 2003

Rochester Institute of Technology BFA

Art Students League of New York
National Academy of Design

Instituto Allende
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Cadena Studios
With wife Linda Miller, collaborating to create original folk dolls
winning numerous awards nationally including the DOTY award in New York
for Doll of the Year in 1994

Macri Gallery
Portland Oregon

Solo  Show Macri Gallery
Portland Oregon
Group Show Mt Angel Abby Library







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