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January 2008

Chaos Chaotically Continued

A Result of the Great Response to the December Show

First Thursday Reception -  January 3rd from 6 to 9 pm.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11-6 and by appointment


January Exhibition Features International and Local Artists in Salon Style Show



The Broderick Gallerys January show features the work of more than 25 local, regional, national and international artists in a Salon style show of more than 130 paintings, woodblock prints and sculptures
I like to call the show Chaos Celebrated because we take the work of our diverse group of talented artists and arrange it in a fashion which, literally, covers the gallery, but is also interesting visually due to the artful layout of the pieces.  I think of it as creating a masterpiece, with the shapes, color schemes and even the frames taken into consideration when hanging the pieces.
Inspired by the Royal Academy in London, Broderick has embraced this style to provide a unique visual experience in Portland. The show gives the gallery the opportunity to highlight the exceptional quality of artwork it has, including established artists and artists who are very good, but arent yet established enough to have a solo gallery show."


Adamson, Crawfurd,           
Berman, Herbert,             
Braden, Buck,                           
Broderick, George,              
Cummins, RA, Gus                    
Falck, Robert,                        
Foulger, Dave,                          
Hanson, Pat,                    
Johnson, Dan,                   
Kaiel, Benjamin,                    
Kim, Una,                             
Labrada, Eduardo,            
Madsen, Karen,                         
Mason, Martha,                       
Mclarty, Jack,                   
Merida, ,                               
Paris, Linda
Pollock, Tracy
Robinson, Charlene
Rodriguez, Susana
Rooney, RA, Mick,
Rothan, Lynn
Rutherford, Bill
Sandgren, Erik
Schmertzler, Alan
Shores, Ken
Smith, Roderick
Sweetman, Quin
Tiller, Don
Trayle, Helen
Woodcock, George








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