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April 2008

"Arte Cubano

New Paintings by Artists Living and Working in Cuba


First Thursday Reception -  April 3rd from 6 to 9 pm.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11-6 and by appointment


The Broderick Gallerys April show brings Cuba to Portland, Oregon, via the work of artists  Orlando Ignacio Merida and Ernesto Pumariega. The exhibit will feature new work by the two artists, Merida and Pumariega, living in Havana, Cuba.  George Broderick just recently returned from Cuba where he visited with the artists and brought their work back with him to Portland.




39" X 51"


In describing his paintings Merida says he has taken stylistically opposed extremes and arrived at a figurative style which is becoming more and more immersed in an abstract realm.  This direction, I find, is approaching more exactly my own sense of reality, and at the same time broadening my concept of reality. Merida has recently shown with success in the Netherlands and has had exhibitions in Puerto Rico, Portugal, Berlin, in addition to showing throughout Cuba.

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24" X 20"


Pumariegas paintings of every day objects are imbued with satire of the Cuban society.   Everything Cubans own has to be fixed.  It is beyond their means to buy new things, and of course there are very few new things for sale, and the artist elaborates on this theme. Both artists received their art education at the San Alejandro Academy of Art, Havana, Cuba.

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