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Mick Rooney RA

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Born in London, in 1944, Mick Rooney, RA completed his studies at the Royal College of Art and as a Prix de Rome scholar at the British School in Rome.  Rooney's work has been shown in the top galleries and museums in Europe including the Royal Academy, Hunting Group Exhibitions, Hove Museum and Art Gallery, Fulham Gallery, Rye Art Gallery, Mercury Gallery, London and currently at the Portal Gallery, London and die Galerie Franziskanergasse, Salzburg.  A member of the British Royal Academy, Rooney has received numerous awards and prizes including the Korn0Ferry International Premier Award and the Gulbenkian Foundation Printmaking Award. His work, which has been described as narrative, illustrative and magical, is known for its vivid personages that delightfully resembles the Commedia dell`arte troupes of long ago.    






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