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George Broderick


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George Broderick characterizes his narrative oil painting style as "hyperbolic reality" as the figures and colors are overstated.  The symbolism and color forms surrounding the figures define their environment, consequently giving considerable complexity to the figure's character.  The distortion reflects how the individuals think other people see them, says Broderick.


Broderick finds artistic inspiration for his narrative paintings in his travels and the many interesting people he has encountered in this world. His trips to Cuba have had a particularly profound impact, which can be seen in paintings such as Mi Cuba, and  Bird in Residence. He feels greatly honored that he was invited to have a solo exhibition of his work in Havana at the prestigious Guayasamin gallery in June 2005.


Broderick followed a nontraditional path to his current role as painter and gallery owner.  He was born in Spring Hill, a mining camp in Montana, USA and was raised in mining camps and other rural areas of western Montana.  Though he did not pursue art in his youth, instead choosing the sciences and attending Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, Pa., he was always drawn to the arts.


Following a successful career in the computer industry, Broderick decided to follow his passion and began his study of art in Honolulu, Hawaii. He continued his studies with the artist Michael Cookinham in San Francisco, California, and at the Academy of Art college, San Francisco. His love of art led him to found the Broderick Gallery in Portland, Oregon in 1997.  Since its inception, with only two artists, the gallery has grown to include more than 30 highly-regarded local, regional, national and international artists.


Broderick has shown at the Broderick Gallery , Guayasamin Gallery, Havana, Cuba Lake Oswego Arts Festival, Lake Oswego. Broderick has also shown at: All You Knead restaurant gallery in the Haight Ashbury district, San Francisco; Blue Mountain Community College, Pendleton, Oregon; Peaceful Arts Gallery, La Grande, Oregon; and Id Space in Hawaii. His works are in private collections in the U.S. and Cuba.

Critics have noted Brodericks unique works:

On Brodericks 2005 show in Havana at Guayasamin: He visto con detenimiento su expaosicion y tiene usted todo mi respeto.  Por ia forma en que interpreta su, mundo pictorico.  La  realidad tecnica y conceptual de la manera en que la trabaja, ensena su mundo interno.  Presente en ellos sus sueos su esperanza, lo logico.  La forma en que interpreta de una manera muy propia.  Su forma de ver el mundo en nora buena. 
....... Roughly translated as, I have carefully observed your show and you have all my respect.  You see the world in a pictoral way which is very unique.  Through the conceptual technique you employ, you show us your inside world. There are your dreams, your hopes ...
Jos Miguel Prez
                  Painter and Professor of Art (retired)
San Alejandro Academy, Havana, Cuba

On Brodericks 2005 show at Broderick Gallery, Richard Speer, Willamette Week, described his work as a "Pick": With their outsider artist-like lack of perspective, unlikely color combinations and compositional sense, the works look like something 1960s illustrator David DePatie would have drawn on some grappa-fueled sojourn to Portofino. 


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