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Allen Schmertzler





Looking back to a year ago when I started painting for this show at the Broderick Gallery, one sound kept resonating in my mind:  Freedom! In many ways the darker side of humanity stayed in the social conversation in America this year as well as in my mind. It surely jumped out at us following the devastation of Katrina and the governments pathetic response to it. As it also has in relation to the war in Iraq and the governments handling of it. Human suffering and our suffering to make sense of our social-political environment is creating unrest in many of us. I remember trying to get a flu shot this past year. Not enough flu vaccination. Long lines, long waits, wondering about the effectiveness and the humanity of my government that collects taxes and does what with it and for whom? War on terror, war on drugs, war on people, war on culture, war on freedoms! How many liberties do we sacrifice before slipping into such a dark void of culture that that which we love is lost forever? 


Hey, but look! Here I am, an artist with the capacity to continue to express my love of paint, my love of the human figure, my love of expressing my expressions. I still have the freedom to figure: to figure out what is socially and politically happening, to figure what I figure, to figure the figure, and this is why I titled this show  Freedom to Figure. You will notice dark figures in some of my paintings. But please be sure to notice also the celebration of light, movement, dance, and color. One last comment to share, please. I had the fantastic privilege to travel to Cuba this past Spring. There I experienced people still capable of celebrating life through dance, art, and finding clever ways of Freedom to Figure despite daily hardships.  



Broderick Gallery - Portland, Oregon 2006

Talisman Gallery - annual exhibitions 2000-2005

Multnomah Art Center -  Portland, Oregon 1999



Newport Visual Arts Center, "Human Form" -  Newport, Oregon 2004

Beaverton Arts Showcase - Beaverton, Oregon 2004 

Columbia Art Gallery "Political Art" - Hood River, Oregon 2003

Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts - Lake Oswego, Oregon 2002

White Gallery PSU - Portland, Oregon 2001

Macri Gallery "4 Play the Figure" - Portland, Oregon 1999

Feinlein Gallery - Portland, Oregon 1997, 1998

Tualatin Art Splash - Tualatin, Oregon 1998

Wentz Gallery  " Go Figure" - Portland, Oregon 1996



 Presidents Choice Award at Beaverton Arts Showcase  2004

 Blue Ribbon Award at Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts 2002



Portland Open Studios  2002, 2004 & 2005

Founding Member of Talisman Gallery 2000-2005




Multnomah Village Post Editorial Cartoonist, 1994-2005

Portland Reflection, 1981



PAC for Oregon Term Limits - Oregonian  2002

Portland State University - Metroscape 1998

Lewis and Clark College - Law Related Education Publicaton 1980 - 1986

Oregon State Bar - Oregon State Bar Bulletin 1979 - 1980



Hillsboro School District 1980 -  2000

Lewis and Clark College Writing Project 1990

Kaiser Permanente of Oregon 1983 - 1985

Committee to Elect Tigard Representative Paul Phillips 1983

J. Westin Walsh Publishing, Portland, Maine 1980 -1981




Private Studio Figurative Painting with Arvie Smith  1997 - 2002

Animator, cartoonist, filmmaker Bill Plymptom  1980 -1984

Apprenticeship with Los Angeles editorial cartoonist, Merle Cunnington. 1975 - `1977

Los Angeles Magazine and New Yorker Cartoonist , Eric Teitlebaum  1976 - 1978

Life Drawing and Painting , Bill Garnett 1989 - 1994

Painting/ Drawing at Pacific Northwest College of Art - Portland, Oregon 1979 -1997 

Sculpture, Michihiro Kosuge at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon 1984 



Graduate work at Portland State University, Lewis and Clark, Penn. State, Western 

Washington University, Seattle Pacific University  1979 - 1995

Oregon Standard Certification, Social Sciences 1980

California Secondary Certification, Social Sciences 1975

Bachelor of Arts, California State University, Northridge, California 1974









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